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My apologies for the lack of activity here on our site over the course of this past year.  Our world has  been very unpredictable this past several months for myself and for so many around the world.  The primary reason for this is the impact of the covid-19 pandemic. 
ln July of 2019 I returned to the USA for what was planned to be a fairly short stay while I take care of some personal business matters.  As of the time that I am writing this update 18 months have now passed since I departed Thailand and it appears that it may be at least another 4 months before I will be able to return.  I will soon put up a new blog post talking about the impact of long term separation from family!
While here in the USA I have started a new YouTube channel titled "Best Nature Vids"  As many of you know I have a passion for video and the region where I live while in the USA abounds with nature's beauty.  The theme of this channel is "Relax with Nature".  The mission of my channel is to provide scenic nature videos with primarily "native" nature sounds for the purpose of stress relief, calming and relaxation.  So far the videos that I have posted are ocean/beach scenes.  I will soon add videos from recordings that I have made in the neighboring Redwood Forrests as well as peaceful mountain streams.

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On our "A Taste of Thailand" video channel we present short video clips of Thai foods and fruits.  Most of the clips will feature my Thai wife's home cooking and I have to say that she is an incredible cook.  She is often sought out here in our region to cook for special events/parties.  Her cooking style is based on "Isaan" cooking but she likes to add her own personal touch to all that she creates.  We will also feature the different types of foods/fruits available in our region. Our daughter has recently taken an interest in cooking and we will be sharing her cooking experiences as well although she doesn't always stick to Thai Food.   I have been introducing her to some "American" dishes and she has especially grown fond of baked sweets...  Thai food is incredible so sit back and enjoy the videos!  

On the Ken's "Thai Garden" video channel you will be able to follow the process and progress as I design, build, plant and maintain my Thai Garden.  I am not new to gardening but definitely new to Thai gardening and it is a whole new world here in Thailand which means that a lot of my gardening practices from back in the States don't/won't work here.  Especially when it comes to planting times and growing season...  What I have come to learn is that pretty much the entire year is the growing season.  So far I have focused on planting what I call "essential Thai cooking ingredients" which include Thai chili's, lemongrass, Thai basil, kaffir lime, eggplant, cilantro (corriander) and your standard garden greens.  I will post video "shorts" documenting the progress as I layout my garden beds and continue with my planting.  Most of my video clips are first posted on Twitter and Facebook so please be sure and follow on both accounts keep up with the action!

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