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As is true for countless people around the globe our current situation with the pandemic has our lives turned a bit upside down.

I traveled back to the USA in 2019 to take care of some personal business which was only supposed to be a three month stay.  At first I was delayed due to the nature of the business not being resolved as quickly as I had hoped, then once I was ready to return to Thailand the Pandemic was quickly spreading around the globe.  Long story short it is now January of 2021 and I am still here in the USA waiting for the pandemic to subside and for the global travel situation to improve.

Unfortunately this situation has left me on one side of the globe and my wife and daughter on the other.  The bright side is that we have a strong and trusting relationship that is enduring this difficult time of seperation.  We are fortuante in that in today's modern world we have the means to talk via "facetime" type apps and do so several times a day.  The challange with this is that as I am waking up in the morning they are headed off to sleep and visa-versa...   

While here in the USA I decided to delve a bit deeper into my passion for photography and videography which has led me to starting a new YouTube Channel (Best Nature Vids).  The theme of the channel is "Relax with Nature".  I am blessed in that the region where I grew up in the States (which is where I am now) is on the Southern Oregon Coast and adjacent to the magnificient Redwood National & State Parks.  I am creating beautiful videos of our coastal regions (beaches and redwood forests).  This has been a great place to be as I find that being out in nature to be very relaxing and a great means of providing myself with an abundance of stress relief.  I am looking forward to bringing my wife here once our lives are able to return to "normal"...  which for myself as for most of the world is something that I am not sure what is going to actually look like.  I am not so certain that we will ever return to our previous "normal".

A little personal background

I have a true love and fascination with adventure and adventure travel and have been "on the road" (actually mostly in the air) since I was in my teens.  This being said I believe that I have a true expertise through my life experiences in the realm of International Adventure Travel.  

In 2016 retired from my position as the Deputy Executive Director of a not for profit organization that deploys health care and health education teams around the globe.  Through that experience I commonly found myself in developing nations working on logistics for team deployments often in very remote and difficult to access locations.  My International travel destinations include the countries listed below.

Business Travel







So. Sudan



Dominican Republic


Personal Travel












The Philippines





I am very excited to continue on this "virtual" journey and am looking forward to getting to know fellow expats and travel enthusiasts.  I have already met so many wonderful people (both Thai's and Expats) since making my "full time" move to Thailand in 2016 and am looking forward to returning to my "Thailand Lifestyle"

Please feel to reach out to me if you have any questions about Thailand, Expat Life, International Travel or just simply would like to talk with someone that enjoys living the "Thailand Lifestyle".

Feel free to contact me:

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