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Why did I build this Website?

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"Kenneth Weaver" "Clickittopickit.com" "clickittopickit"
"Kenneth Weaver" "clickittopickit.com" "clickittopickit"
"Kenneth Weaver" "clickittopickit.com" "clickittopicit"
"Kenneth Weaver" "clickittopickit.com" "clickittopickit"
"Kenneth Weaver" "clickttopickit.com" "clickittopickit"
"Kenneth Weaver" "clickittopickit.com" "clickittopickit"
"Kenneth Weaver" "clickittopickit.com" "clickittopickit"

That's a great question and actually easy to answer! 


I am currently semi-retired and living  the "Expat Life" in the Kingdom of Thailand.  Prior to making the move to live here full time I had visited Thailand over the course of a few years and through that experience I fell in love with the people, culture, architecture and beautiful landscape of the country.  If you have ever lived or stayed in a foreign country for any length of time you know that every day can be an adventure, and certainly each day is a new learning experience. This is the fuel that feeds my souls as I am like a sponge when it comes to learning about different cultures and their customs. 


There are many reasons that moved me in the direction of developing a website and Blog.  The primary reason which most people that already know me are aware of and that is I truly enjoy working with people and helping them in what ever way is within my power.  I am here to share my "Thailand Lifestyle"  experiences through the ClickToPick Blogsot in hope of being able to help others that either are, or are planning to take on similar life changes such as what I have over the past few years.

Key Elements of this Site

  • Sharing my experience as an American Expat living a Thailand Lifestyle

  • ClickToPick Blogspot (Thailand Lifestyle-Expat Life-International Travel)

  • Image Galleries (with a focus on Thailand and International Travel)

  • Video Collection with three channels sharing our experiences relative to "Thailand Lifestyle", A Taste of Thailand (Thai Cooking) and "Ken's Thai Garden" (sharing my gardening experiences).


I also have a true love and fascination with adventure and adventure travel and have been "on the road" (actually mostly in the air) since I was in my teens.  This being said I believe that I have a true expertise through my life experiences in the realm of International Adventure Travel.  

In 2016 retired from my position as the Deputy Executive Director of a not for profit organization that deploys health care and health education teams around the globe.  Through that experience I commonly found myself in developing nations working on logistics for team deployments often in very remote and difficult to access locations.  My International travel destinations include the countries listed below.

Business Travel







So. Sudan



Dominican Republic


Personal Travel












The Philippines





I am very excited to begin this "virtual" journey and am looking forward to getting to know fellow expats and travel enthusiasts.  I have already met so many wonderful people (both Thai's and Expats) since making my "full time" move here in 2016 and am looking forward to the continued experience.  

Please feel to reach out to me if you have any questions about Thailand, Expat Life, International Travel or just simply would like to talk with someone that is enjoying the "Thailand Lifestyle".

Best regards,

Kenneth Weaver

Thailand Lifestyle


Contact Me:


Email Contact :  kenneth@clickittopickit.com

Phone (Thailand): +66 0622673110

Phone (USA): +1 541 698-6445

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