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Mail and Shipping from Thailand to USA, Canada...

A common question that I am often asked is "how reliable is it to send and receive mail from Thailand"? I have found that using Thailand's mail system (Thailand Post) to be quite reliable. I have sent and received both letter's and packages via Thailand Post without any problems. Letters or documents in a 9" x 12" envelope typically take from 7 to 10 days in transit between Thailand and the USA. My experience with packages has been a time frame of 10 to 14 days (friends from Europe have told me that it is about the same time frame for them as well). This is using standard mail/shipping and not paying for expedited service.

I live in a fairly remote village in Northeast Thailand that is "off the beaten path" so to speak and there is no convenient access to any of the three major shipping services (DHL, Fedex or UPS) in my region. These other services are available in some of the major cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khorat and Phuket. All things considered I am very pleased with the service that is available to me here in my small community using the Thailand Post Service.

I have posted links below to each of the four "viable" options for standard parcel/package shipping that are available here in Thailand. Simply click on the image and you will be directed to the appropriate website. I have not included information in regard to shipping large items such as Teak Furniture (very popular here), statues, stonework or large art items. Most shops where you purchase these types of items can arrange the shipping for you via cargo ship. I have used this service in the past to ship a teak bar to the USA and in my opinion the shipping rate was reasonable.

If you are traveling here in Thailand and want to send a postcard to friends/family back home the cost is a 12 baht (for most standard size post cards). I recommend that you go into a Thailand Post Office to purchase your stamps. They have a nice variety of very "interesting" stamps. You can place your postcard/s in the mail while you are there or simply drop them off at any of the Big Red Thai Post Mail Boxes that are commonly found along the side of the street. If you don't have time for a trip to the Post Office it is likely that your Hotel will have stamps available for sale.

Whether you are here as a visitor or living as a fulltime resident LAZADA is a great option for online shopping.

This is Thailand's version of "Amazon"

I order quite frequently from them and all orders have arrived on time and in perfect working condition!

Lazada Online Shopping

Price list for mailing/shipping via Thailand Post (as of November 15, 2017)


I offer a Thailand "Personal Shopper" service! I can pick up and ship (or arrange shipping) of any item/s that you are wanting from Thailand (as long as it can be legally shipped out of Thailand).

Feel free to contact me via the comment box or via my email: to inquire about this service or if you have any questions or comments.

Below you will find links to information in regard to three other shipping options from Thailand. Please CONTACT ME if you need shipping assistance with larger items.

DHL, FedEx and UPS Links for Thailand Services

DHL Service Points in Thailand (Click on "ServicePoints") below to access list

DHL Express Thailand Link

FedEx Thailand Link

UPS Thailand Link
Lazada Online Shopping

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