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Top Five things I Love about My Thai Wife

Phaon Rung in Buriram Province Thailand

I am sharing my top five things I love about having a Thai Wife as a show respect for my wife and to attest to the true nature of the majority of Thai women. There are countless successful happy marriages and relationships between foreign men (farangs as referred to by Thai's) and Thai women. The majority of Thai ladies are very loving, attentive and faithful in their relationships. My wife is an incredible person and my only regret is that I didn't find her much earlier in my life. There is something very special about Thai culture that "coerced" me into making the decision to live out my life here in LOS (Land of Smiles). I had already made the decision to live in Thailand prior to meeting my wife and must say that I am now a better man for having her as my partner in life.

Top Five things I love about my Thai Wife (and are common traits with Thai women)

1 - Kind & Caring Heart

My wife is one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever known. She is in no way selfish or feels entitled like so many women I have known in my past (yes, I have a past as we all do). She always puts others ahead of herself and is willing to go to great lengths to be helpful. She is not judgmental of others and prefers to find the good in people. She has a smile that can brighten anyone's day and a true sincerity that brightly shines in her eyes. This is what first attracted me to her.

2 - She is Romantic

She enjoys being treated like a lady and having doors opened for her, holding hands when we walk around together and being discretely pampered. I can't even count how many times a day she gives me a gentle "love pat" when she walks by or stops and gives me a hug and kiss along with an "I Love You" throughout the day (and I do the same for her). She appreciates simple gestures and is a subtle "flirt" when the mood strikes her. And yes, she is an incredible lover as she loves to be held closely and passionately.

3 - She is Attentive

And I don't mean this is a selfish way on my part but I truly appreciate that it is important to her that she takes very excellent care of me. She tries to foresee (and is usually successful) something that I might want or need. It is important to her that I am well cared for and this is something that gives her great pride. I must add that this is a two way street and I do my best to take care of and foresee her needs as well.

4 - She is meticulously clean and an incredible cook

She takes great pride in keeping our home clean and I mean truly clean. This is one area that she does at times comment on others when we go into their home and she sees cobwebs in the corners or dirty floors/bathrooms. She has the same reality as do I in that you don't have to be rich in order to a clean home. The icing on the cake here is that she is also an incredible cook. One of the things that drew me to Thailand is that I absolutely love Thai food and she knows exactly what I like and how I like it. Her Pad Krapao Moo is my favorite and I could eat it every day and be happy. Add a large bowl of her Tom Yum Goong and all the better! She loves to cook whether it is for us here at home or for large groups at our community Wat (temple). She is constantly being asked to come and cook when there is some type of special event and I completely understand why.

5 - She is an excellent money manager

I know that many of the "haters" will want to jump all over this one but all that I can say in advance is that you don't have a clue. My wife knows and understands business. She has an extensive background in business management and investment projects. Needless to say she knows Thai business and the "culture of Thai business" way better than I do and I trust her judgment when it comes to business and financial decisions. This actually comes as a great relief to me as I am tired of always being the one that has had to manage that part of life for so many years. She has used many of her own resources that she acquired prior to our relationship to assist with our household and living needs which is appropriate considering that our marriage is a "partnership" as it should be. We both contribute and we both benefit.

She has an incredible daughter

I did not include this in my "top five" in consideration of the fact that you can't place a rank on one's child. Her daughter is an absolute bonus and the light of our lives. She is so much like her mother that it is incredible and even funny at times when I watch the two of them together. She brings an energy into the home that is indescribable and creates a void when she is away for a school event or off in Bangkok visiting with her Auntie. She is highly intelligent and we are very proud of the fact that she has won several regional and provincial "top student" awards and just returned from spending three days away at a National Level academic competition. We are still waiting on the outcome of this latest competition. She attends a private Catholic School here in our community and rest assured that we will support her throughout her scholastic years. I take pride in that she calls me Dad and has wholly accepted me as a father figure in her life. My wife and I will both move heaven and earth to assure that she has every opportunity to obtain a quality education and support into adulthood.

Misconceptions about Thai Women

Please don't misunderstand the title of this story thinking that only a "Thai" woman can be as amazing as my wife is. There are wonderful women in every country within this beautiful world of ours. Mine just happens to be Thai and I mean no disrespect toward women of other countries and cultures. I did not come to Thailand in search of a wife or girlfriend and actually met my wife in Cambodia. If you have read my bio and know a little about my history you know that I have a very extensive background in international travel and have a true understanding of cultural diversity. This being said when I met my Wife in Cambodia it didn't matter to me where she was from. What mattered to me was the person that she was/is. Like most Thai's she has a sincere dedication to family, has a truly kind and giving heart, she is in no way selfish or entitled and is very dedicated in our relationship.

Unfortunately if you spend time "googling" about Thai women and relationships with Thai Ladies you will likely find information to the contrary to what I am telling you about. Most of what you read online about Thai women is from the perspective of what I call "sexpats". Sexpats are the foreign men that come here in droves and spend their time in Phuket, Pattaya and scouring the girl bars or "soapy massage" parlours of Bangkok in search of a "Holiday Girlfriend". Once these men have experienced their "thrills" with the bar girls and have been ripped off by scammers which there are plenty of they then proceed to rant all over the internet about how all Thai women are only after their money, are unfaithful and are only in search of a sugar daddy. Most of these men are heavy drinkers/smokers and have next to "0" class or respect for women. Come on guys... what do you expect to find when you consider where you are looking? There are plenty of beautiful Thai ladies that are wanting/willing to be your "holiday girlfriend" for a price and the vast majority of these ladies are not a fair representation of what a true "Thai Lady" is like. I believe in the statement "you get what you pay for" and if you are having to "pay for it" when it comes to women you will be deeply disappointed if your expectation is an honest, sincere and long term relationship. This applies across the globe and is not exclusive to Thailand. The ladies that are working the Bar and Massage Parlour scene are there for one primary reason and that reason is to make money which also includes the hope of finding a "farang" that comes to Thailand from time to time and is willing to send her money on a monthly basis to "take care of" her. These ladies often have more than one farang "taking care of" them and of course they in turn are "taking care of" the farang whenever he lands in Thailand. This is something that I can easily write a book about so will not continue on with this subject at this time. All that I am asking is that you have an open mind and that you don't let the farangs that are looking in the wrong places to be the voice that you are listening to when it comes to finding and having a sincere relationship with a true "Thai Lady".

It is not my intention to offend anyone here but I must admit that I get tired of hearing the rantings from the sexpats who mislead the truly sincere men that actually want a sincere and honest relationship with a like minded Thai woman. Please believe me when I say that they are here by the thousands. I can't begin to count the number of times that I have been out with my wife visiting with friends and family that we have both been asked "how can I meet a good farang" that is wanting a quality, sincere loving relationship. When most Thai women see another Thai woman with a foreign husband they often assume that they found their husband in one of the "sexpat" regions of Thailand. I am in no way wanting to brag about myself but they often ask my wife how did she find me and are there other's like me that might be interested in them. My wife and I both assure them that there are countless foreign men that come to Thailand to truly experience "Thailand" and that they are not all here to just have sex (boom boom) with Thai women. What I have encountered in "my experience" here is that most of the Thai ladies that are in their mid 30's and up who are single are not interested in marriage to another Thai man. The vast majority of these ladies that we talk with say that they do not trust Thai men and that their ex-husbands / ex-boyfriends were not faithful or committed in their relationships. Many of these men have one or more women on the side which is something that I commonly see here in rural Thailand. Most of these men are also heavy drinkers/smokers and don't place a priority on taking care of their families. That being said many Thai ladies are turning to foreign men in hope for a better future and to find someone that will dedicate himself to a true and committed loving relationship.

I believe that I was very fortunate in meeting my wife considering that I wasn't even looking for a girlfriend let alone a wife. I had my plan all laid out for living near the beach in Southern Thailand (not in a tourist area) and spending my time building up my home and property into my own exotic little piece of Thailand. That being said the fact is that I did meet this amazing woman and she completely stole my heart. My plans have changed a bit and I am now living with my wife and her amazing daughter in a small rural farming community in Northeast Thailand. This will be our home up until her daughter completes her school years here. From there our options are open and we have not yet decided if or where we will move. We might even end up back at that small Southern Thailand fishing community that I love so much. For now I will continue to grow and improve this website and freely express my thoughts about Thailand living, relationships and Thailand retirement through my Blog. I am hopeful that the information within this article can be helpful to you if not at the least interesting. My wife and I are considering the development of some type of a program or service where we can help connect sincere "western" men that are in search of a true loving long term relationship/marriage with a like minded Thai lady. You can use the Contact Form link below if your interested in this type of service. Again, this is still in the planning stage and we have not yet started website development.

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